We are passionate to discover new horizons and show the world what is beyond them.

With Aetral you not only get a group of creative thinkers but an ally with a self experimented, independent, clear system. This is how we are able to form a harmonically consistent structure, to hand and take over whole constructions, not only products. These designs can live on and evolve, as the gravity of need pulls us towards our shared goals. We are filling out a void, just like liquid does with blank spaces: only where, and when it is needed. See our founding members detailed below to dive into a wide spectrum of experiences we can provide.

Marcell NagyFounder and CEO

The car guy who is visioning the masterplans.

Marcell CsiharCo-Founder, Lead Product Designer

The design miner who digs deep to bring up the cool ideas.

Erik MajorCo-Founder, Lead Motion Designer

The voxel journalist who keeps things in motion.

Got a project in mind?

Visit us in our studio:

Studio address

1117, Budapest
Völgycsillag utca 4,
7/3 - 703