COBERA Automotive Inc.
_ digital photography & vision design​​​​​​​

As part of the partnership between AETRAL Studio and COBERA Automotive Inc. we have been worked on the visual-communication of the brand and it's C300 electric car.

Trough these pictures we would like to show you the results of the virtual photography.

Some teaser images made for the social media campaign.
C300 digital photo shoot


COBERA visioned a next generation, modern and progressive looking vehicle based on the AC Cobra's original
design DNA to pair with the C300 model. During the design process we marked Sunday Drive, Electric and Fighter Jet as the keywords while tried to keep the taste of the iconic AC Cobra's design language.

Selected design proposal and development made by Quentin Goncalves​​​​​​​

and rims

We designed two variations of a 9-spoke rim to fit the Vision model during different conditions.
The matt black forged aluminium version gives the vibe of the '60-s Cobra's sport rims while rethinking it.
The magnesium alloy rim with the carbon fiber aero claddings designed into the race tracks and even to the sharpened situations when every miliseconds are counts.

VISION reveal animation

Compare the C300 with the VISION model

VR color configurator for the C300 & VISION models

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